Another year at Bridget and Pauley's Gourmet Soups and Dips has passed and we hope that everything has gone well for you and your families..

As we get ready for our 22nd year of business in 2017 we would like to take time out to thank all of our customers for helping us grow our business. It has been a wonderful way for our family to do something together and to teach our children how important it is to treat people fairly and with respect.

We are starting our 22nd year of being in the Soup and Dip business and as always we will try to bring you the best soup and dip mixes that you can find anywhere and at the best price. This past year we introduced a couple of new dips. “Meg’s BBQ dip” and “Jessica’s smoking Chipotle” and we are currently trying to come up with a chili mix..

Katie, our Daughter is now bartending at Longhorns and is gradually taking over the business while Bridget and I ease our way into semi-retirement.

Katie’s friend Jessica, who has been doing shows with us since they were both 12 is now working in the medical field but she has informed me that she will still be doing shows with us.

IAt some point this year I’m sure we’ll have both Katie’s and Jessica’s 6 year old daughters out trying to help us at a show. (Peyton and Avery)

I would also like to mention that our friend’s, Barbara and her daughter Little Barbara will once again be doing our Macon show. This year the way the shows have worked out we will be able to join them in Macon.

Our son Nick is now 25 and is in his 3rd year in the Air Force. He is currently stationed in Omaha Nebraska at Offutt AFB. This past year he has tested for the rank of E5 Staff Sargent. We should hear the results sometime in the month of July.

You’ll see some or all of us at all our shows so stop by and say hello.